Bubba & company Fargo

An American pit bull terrier in Fargo has a business named after him.

Bubba & company of Fargo is there for all your pets. That includes the cat – and the bird, the snake and the rabbit.

It makes sense that pets of all kinds are welcome at Bubba & Co. Bubba himself is the type of dog who steals the show no matter where he is. This reddish-colored pitbull loves all people and dogs and is gentle with everyone.

“He’s a good spokesperson for the breed,” said his owner Lindsey Whisman.

And she is right.

I had the opportunity to walk Bubba and his sister Sophie last fall through my Fargo pet sitting and dog running business. Bubba and Sophie are playful, lovable pitbulls with very different personalities.

Sophie likes to play fetch, go for runs and play tug-of-war while Bubba takes his time on walks, steps around puddles and tries to catch bees. Both dogs were rescued from physically abusive pasts, but today they always seem to have big smiles on their faces.

Bubba & Co. is owned by Lori Whisman of Fargo and her family. Her daughter, Lindsey (Bubba’s owner), works at Bubba & Co.

The Fargo business is unique because it offers full grooming, self-serve dog washing, pet boarding and dog daycare all from one location. Cats and smaller animals are also welcome for daycare and boarding. products for sale include treats, grooming supplies, pet toys and more.

Bubba and Co. is located at 1345 university Dr. S. in Fargo where The natural Pet center used to be (The NPC is now at 3037 13th Ave. S.).

Popular pitbull

It makes sense that the Whisman family named the store after Bubba.

It’s easier for people to remember pets’ names, Lindsey said. That’s why she and her family believed Bubba would be a recognizable name for the store. Plus, before they’d decided on a business name, people kept coming in and asking “Where’s Bubba? Is Bubba here?”

So Bubba had to be included in the name.

Bubba and Co. opened on March 1, 2009 and caters to all kinds of animals. The Whismans wanted the business to be a place where people with multiple kinds of pets can bring their animals for grooming, daycare or boarding, Lindsey said.

The grooming prices at Bubba and Co. are reasonable. any breed of dog can get a bath in one of the self-serve tubs for under $20. A bath and haircut ranges from $32 to $42. and all services are discounted for families with multiple dogs.

After all, Bubba and Co. was designed for people who own several animals, Lindsey said. She, for example, has owned dogs, cats, birds, scorpions, fish, rats and a snake.

Da înapoi

Some Fargo pets found safety at Bubba and Co. when their owners’ homes were threatened or damaged by the Red River flooding at the end of March, Lindsey said.

When my mutt Ace and I stopped in for a visit, some pets were still staying at Bubba’s. housing pets with nowhere else to go was one way that Bubba and Co. helped the Fargo-Moorhead community.

Bubba and Co. also has a goal to offer free services to dog rescue groups in town, Lindsey said. some of the rescue dogs could benefit from a free grooming, for example.

When Ace and I visited Bubba and Co., the store was clean and open with large windows and staff ready to tend to our needs. A friendly Cocker spaniel and a Sheltie greeted us with barks when we walked in. A laid-back tabby cat followed us around, totally unfazed by the fact that I had a 65-pound mutt on a pinch collar.

Ace, too, was at ease and curious. He was not nervous like he sometimes is when I bring him to boarding kennels. He drooled on Lindsey, made pals with the cat and looked around wagging his tail. His calm manner proved this was a comfortable place for animals.

Stop by Bubba and Co. in Fargo with your pets and see for yourself. and don’t just bring your dog. “Bring the cat, too!”

Bubba & Co. information

Hours:8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday.9 a.m. to 7 p.m. SaturdaysNoon to 7 p.m. Sundays

Grooming:Self-serve dog wash: $13.50 to $20Bath and haircut: $32 to $42

Daycare:Full day: $18Half day: $14


Pentru mai multe informatii:

Call 701.235.4959Bubba & Co. is located at 1345 university Dr. S. in Fargo